On 06/08/2019, Asia Commercial Bankannounced the share issue for dividend payment as follows:

I. Share expected to be issued
1. Name of share: share of Asia Commercial Bank
2. Charter capital (before the share issue): 12,885,877,380,000
Charter capital (after the share issue): 16,627,372,770,000
3. Number of outstanding shares (before the share issue): 1,247,165,130 shares
4. Number of treasury shares (before the share issue): 41,422,608 shares
5. Type of share: Common share
6. Stock code (if any): ACB
7. Par value: VND 10,000/ share
8. Number of shares expected to be issued: 374,149,539 shares
9. Purpose of the share issue: for dividend payment 2018
10. Record date of shareholder list to issue shares for dividend payment: 26/7/2019
11. Record date: 26/7/2019
12. Expected date of trading the issued shares: September 2019
III. Result of the share issue:
1. Number of distributed shares: 374,149,539 shares
2. Number of shareholders distributed to: 30,382 shareholders
3. Method of handling fractional shares: rounded down to unit digit; the decimal (if any) will be distributed to the Union as a source of bonus shares
4. Total shares at present (26/7/2019): 1,662,737,277 shares
- Number of outstanding shares: 1,621,314,669 shares
- Number of treasury shares: 41,422,608 shares