HOSE announces the record date for the dividend payment of Mobile World Investment Corporation:
- Stock symbol: MWG
- Ex-right date: November 19, 2018
- Record date: November 20, 2018
- Purpose: to pay stock dividends.
- Exercise ratio: 3:1
The one who owns 3 shares at the record date will receive 01 new share.
- Estimated issue volume: 107,610,992 shares.
- Plan to deal with fractional shares:
The distributed shares will be rounded down. The fractional shares will be canceled.
For example, if shareholder A owns 125 shares at the record date, he will receive: 125x1/3 = 41.6 shares. However, because of rounding down, he will receive only 41 new shares.
Place of payment:
- Shareholders whose shares have been deposited: at the securities firms where the shares have been deposited.
- Shareholders whose shares have not been deposited: shareholders will receive dividend at Mobile World Investment Corporation.