1. Issuer: Son La Sugar Joint Stock Company
2. Stock code: SLS
3. Stock type: Common stock
4. Par value: VND10,000/share
5. Record date: 19/03/2018
6. Ex-date: 16/03/2018
7. Reasons:
* Dividend payment by share:
- Exercise rate: 20%/share (owing 05 shares)
- Rounding method, handling of shares representing less than one unit: Number of shares received will be rounded down to units digit. Odd shares and unsold shares will be distributed to other subjects with price not lower than that offered to outstanding shareholders.
- Exercise place:
+ For undeposited shares: Son La Sugar Joint Stock Company on working days. Securities certificate and Identification Card (original copy) are required. In case of authorization, a proxy with certified seal of the local authority is further requested in addition to the mentioned above.
+ For deposited shares: securities companies where shares of shareholders have been deposited.